Shire Oak Quarries

Wednesday 5th October 2016 16:00 pm

Grading & stockpiling rock

Following Friday’s blast at Dean Quarry, an excavator and loader have arrived on site this week to start working the rock, which will be graded and stockpiled on site. This activity is covered by the existing consent to operate Dean Quarry.


Monday 26th September 2016 11:00 am

Preparation for blasting

A drilling rig has arrived on site in preparation for a single blast that is planned to take place this week. Vibration monitors will be installed in the vicinity of nearby properties. The blast itself will last just one second. Security guards will be on site throughout this week, including overnight.

This activity is covered by the existing consent to operate Dean Quarry.


Tuesday 23rd August 2016 15:00 pm

Environmental enhancement works

Equipment has arrived on site this week that is related to the environmental enhancement works we are undertaking on the site and which are part of the planning conditions. This includes the creation of a number of ponds to encourage the existing natural wildlife including dragonflies and damselflies, which has been found there.

We have an existing consent to operate Dean Quarry and we will work with the planning authorities to ensure that we comply with that permission.


Monday 15th August 2016 12:00 pm

Dean Quarry security fence

We intend to submit a planning application for a security fence at Dean Quarry. Permission was originally granted in April 2015 and the fence was erected, but that permission was later overturned following a judicial review of the local authority's consent, so a fresh application needs to be made.

We are currently seeking guidance from the planning authority and Secretary of State to ask whether an Environmental Impact Assessment of the fence needs to be carried out, and if so, what impacts need to be included in any assessment.