Shire Oak Quarries

Shire Oak Quarries is re-opening Dean Quarry near St Keverne in Cornwall.

The company hopes to supply rock to the UK's emerging tidal lagoon industry, as well as other potential markets.

It will not be shipping rock to the world's first tidal lagoon power plant at Swansea Bay unless it is contracted to do so by the marine works contractor selected by Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay Plc to build the lagoon wall. That decision is awaited.

Dean Quarry is consented until 2035 to quarry 6.3 million tonnes of high density gabbro. Gabbro is an ideal type of rock for the tidal lagoon, which will require five million tonnes of rock to complete its construction.

An economic impact assessment, published in July 2015 by Milsted Langdon, indicated that Dean Quarry could generate between £140m and £190m for the Cornish economy over the next 20 years. It could create 50 direct and contractor jobs on site, with a further 100 jobs created or safeguarded in the local economy. This work will be updated once our specific proposals for the site are confirmed.

Previous operations at the quarry, which closed in 2008, saw half the rock being transported by lorry and half by sea. Because the re-opened quarry could be working at a quicker pace than before and quarrying a different grade of rock, the intention is to take all rock out by sea.

We are examining the options for sea transport and the requirement for infrastructure to enable this to happen. Initial proposals for a breakwater and jetties that were originally outlined in early 2015 are no longer being taken forward and alternatives are being explored.

Any new sea transport infrastructure would require a planning application and a marine licence application. Should any such applications be submitted to the relevant authorities our website will be updated with details of how to engage with the process.

Our priority is to ensure that Dean Quarry is a good neighbour to the local community and a good neighbour to the natural environment.

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Shire Oak Quarries have submitted a retrospective planning application for the erection/retention of a perimeter fence at Dean Quarry. Copies of the documents which comprise the application can be viewed and downloaded below:

Planning Design & Access Statement

Non-Technical Summary

Environmental Statement Volume 1 (Main Text)

Environmental Statement Volume 2 (Figures)

Environmental Statement Volume 3 (Appendices)